Creative Musings, Part III

Okay, back to work everybody. Stop your bitching and moaning about the economy/the short summer/the war/etc. and get your pimply butt back in the saddle. No more summer Fridays. No more jaunts to The Hamptons/The Shore/The Lowcountry/The Highlands or The Cape. No more excuses. As Michael Jackson said, “This Is It” (be careful of what you name your next documentary). So what are you going to do about It? Here’s a list of a few things I’m doing to establish a more disciplined routine:

  • Get out of bed an hour earlier and walk around the block with a smile on my face and a grateful heart.
  • Avoid all distracting media in the morning — TV, Radio, iPods. Remain in monkish silence to prepare for the day.
  • Eat breakfast every day (preferably with a prospect or any business contact — there is no bad networking breakfast and there’s no substitute for personal interaction).
  • Read the The Wall Street Journal Marketplace and  The New York Times Business Section.
  • Hit the phone, email and Tweetdeck.
  • Write — write a lot: letters to prospects and influencers; proposals; presentation ideas; articles for blog; white papers.
  • The doom-and-gloomers are talking double-dip — I’m thinking a big 4th quarter comeback. But, I’m just an old basketball coach — that’s the way we think. Of all the things I learned from Jim Valvano, nothing was more valuable than this: Luck is when Preparation Meets Opportunity. We make our own luck. He said, “hard work does not guarantee success — but without it, you are guaranteed to fail.”

    I don’t have time to “opt in” to brands. Maybe late at night, I’ll go surfing for stuff. But, I don’t want to “join the club”, thanks anyway. I just want what I want. I don’t need to know what everyone else thinks — I don’t need validation for my choices. I don’t need to interact online with someone from Des Moines to know what I want. Sure, I guess agencies can twist the research into making a case for the “club-like” atmosphere brands are creating around themselves. But, while much of the consuming population are sheep — are they really spenders? It’s not how many people you have in your bar. Or how many are drinking; it’s who are those spending the most money. Those folks are not sheep. They don’t need another club to join.

    Still looking for good work — anywhere, any media. You see any? Maybe its a sign ‘o the times. I kind of like the interim campaign for Aflac. Truly integrated. Beautiful contemporary design. Great headline: “You Don’t Know Quack”. It’s amazing that so few of us really knew what Aflac did, and they spent all that money on media and celebrity spokesmen. As much as I like Yogi Berra, I grew tired of the old duck and the same spots running over and over:

    I’ve written a lot of songs lately. You think writing a radio spot is hard? Try writing a pop song without it sounding one bit banal or derivative.

    Has Alex Bogusky really left advertising?

    YouTube is great but sometimes just way too much information. I saw a clip of a very drunk Elvis Presley stumbling through the spoken monologue of “Are You Lonesome Tonight” during a Vegas performance. He turned it into a comedy routine, knowing how drunk he was — the audience laughed along. So sad.

    The City of New Orleans seems to be back. Bravo guys, particularly Robbie Vitrano at Trumpet. A true visionary.

    Why is membership in The One Club disturbingly low?

    What’s worse? The mediocre work, or having to sit through it again and again? Does media research actually confirm that the more we see a spot the more likely we are to “opt in”? It makes me want to opt out. I watched the PGA Championship recently on network television. One of the sponsors ran the same spot at least 10 times through the final round. By the 18th hole, I resented the brand. I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

    There are no new rules of engagement in business development. Just new ways of connecting.

    What’s the hot account review? Arby’s. This is an opportunity to turnaround an iconic brand. The new marketing team, headed by Steve Davis (Heineken, “It’s All About The Beer”, Dos Equis) is poised for a memorable campaign. They know what great work is. The right agency has a rare opportunity. Arby’s is the last dinosaur standing in the roast beef niche. Roy Rogers? Gone. Rax? Gone. Which begs the question — does America really want a roast beef sandwich out of a window? I think they do. Does America want to go bowling? I think so. We just need to be reminded about bowling, and how much fun it is. I love the Beef n’ Cheddar on the onion roll, the curly fries, the Jamocha Shakes, the Horsey Sauce. Now, that’s a club I’ll join — the Horsey Sauce Club.

    Aren’t you getting bored with Facebook? Your mother is on Facebook.

    What’s the hottest new Mobile platform:? Zoove ( It will change the world for the better by making everything simpler.

    Okay, back to work. Time to hunker down.

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