The Mobile Technology That Will Change the World: **Me

The Keys to the Kingdom

It seems like everyone has suddenly, almost overnight, become an “expert” in Social Media. First, I’m rather leery of anyone that purports to be an “expert” at anything — no less one in a discipline that’s less than a decade old. I prefer to use the moniker, “student”. I am a student of wine, not a connoisseur. I am a student of best practices in sales & marketing, not an “expert consultant”. Above all, I am attracted to students of LIFE, not know-it-alls that ask me for my watch and then tell me what time it is. The whole idea of leveraging Social Media to create inbound marketing leads for any business (advertising included) is so “no-duh” that it’s passé. What these experts fail to uncover, is where is Social going, and what can we meaningfully connect it to?

For Social Media to be truly effective, it needs to CONNECT to something. I’ve said this for the past two years: the keys to the marketing kingdom will be handed to the technology that can seamlessly and simply connect Social to Mobile. Social alone is relatively weak. Who cares how many people “Like” your brand? What are you doing about that?

Our devices are shrinking, every day. It won’t be long before the laptop and the tablet are obsolete. Someday soon we will use one primary device, and that will be our phone. They will figure out a way to build a phone device that outperforms current laptops and tablets. As for today, the majority of us spend more time on our phones than our computers anyway. We are already a mobile primate. So why isn’t there a real connection to this by Social (beyond ho-hum, watered-down, condensed Apps)? Why is there a power outage in the transition? Why do I have to work so hard to make the translation?

Hello! I’m here to unleash that power/knowledge upon the creative community today. It’s a new technology from a company in Palo Alto called Zoove ( You need to embrace it and sell it in to your clients, or it may put you out of business. Because in less than 3 years — this technology will replace most current digital communications — along with QR codes, 1-800 numbers and SMS. And there will be no more archaic typing of clunky/goofy URLs into your search bar.

I’m not going to explain to you how it works. You need to be a “student” for yourself. Do your homework. I’ll just give you my own personal testimony:

Baby, I’m a Star Star

As of today, I have a new phone number. It’s **PALMA. That’s right, dial **PALMA from any mobile device and you will ring my cell. If I cannot take your call, it will immediately text you an experiential message. In my case, it’s a link taking you to this blog site. But, it could direct you to any content I chose: a video, an app, a photo, a coupon… any form of digital content can be part of the experience.

On the surface, it’s a “vanity” cell phone number, like vanity license plates. But, in reality, it’s a seamless and simple way for me to serve any content I want. If you dial **DD you will get a voiceover message from Will Smith shilling a Men In Black 3 promotion for Dunkin’ Donuts. And instantly, you’ll receive a text message with a link to a coupon. Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the leading innovative marketers in the world. They’ve transformed themselves from a moribund brand into a powerhouse through MARKETING. If they embrace a marketing technology, you should pay attention.

Some of the stories out of Zoove are mind-boggling: This past season, at Madison Square Garden in the 3rd quarter of a Knicks game, the P.A. announcer says, “Dial **Knicks now and receive a 25% discount on all souvenir merchandise for the 3rd quarter only”. Guess what? Fans flocked by the thousands to souvenir kiosks — truly capitalizing on Linsanity. This is real- time, seamless and simple Mobile marketing that’s connected to something tangible. And it’s also surgically measurable and adjustable.

As I mentioned briefly, Star Star will replace QR codes (they’re ugly, meaningless, unbranded, and complicated). It will replace SMS (already glitch-ridden), 1-800 numbers (and the like). Thousands of brands will soon be signing up for Zoove. If you take this technology to your clients first — before they discover it on their own, you will truly be a Digital Marketing star — an expert, if you will. You will be the innovator that you purport to be. Star Star will change the world, making it a simpler and more creative place to live. What does this have to do with creative? Think about the great content that can be created in the user experience. It’s an idea and a technology whose time has come. The rest is up to you.

Star Star You.

2 thoughts on “The Mobile Technology That Will Change the World: **Me

  1. romaninfurs

    Thanks for sharing, Mike. This technology will inspire some exciting content creation! (Writing for Star Trek fans alone could be a career defining moment.)


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