AMC’s The Pitch Season 3 Premiere

A Dad’s View

First off, the whole idea for a Reality Show series involving a real ad agency review — or pitch, was mine. In 2006, I collaborated on this idea with a Canadian production company responsible for the Project Runway concept. I then approached a few agency principals needing exposure/new business and they mostly responded with bemusement. I presented it to some Brand Managers, they loved it. My idea was quite different from the shallow concept that currently exists on-air. My idea was to get a major brand with a real review in the offing to depict the entire review process over the course of an entire 10-episode season. In other words, one big review, 5 big agencies vying for one big brand.

bonanza-tv-4050The biggest problem I have with the format of AMC’s The Pitch is that it’s faked, like The Ponderosa on Bonanza. The reviews aren’t real, no promise of the winning agency getting business. It also feels a bit like cooking a chicken in the microwave. It’s too fast. No review lasts one week. It just feels like each episode is rushed — the ideas are undercooked. Also reminds me of speed chess in Washington Square Park. These are not the best ideas for the brand, just the fastest for the show.img1356A

Okay, now that I got that off my chest, let me say that I’ll be watching tonight’s season premiere with great interest. Why? My son, the copywriter, is competing for an Atlanta agency close to my heart, BreenSmith (more on why in a bit). At the risk of sounding like Paul Lynde from Bye, Bye Birdie (“We’re going to be on Ed Sullivan!”), I’m not just proud of my kid, but I live the career I never had in a creative department vicariously through him. Kind of like the spastic Dad whose kid is a great athlete.

ss170040_-_photograph_of_marlon_brando_as_don_vito_corleone_al_pacino_as_michael_corleone_from_the_godfather_available_in_4_sizes_framed_or_unframed_buy_now_at_starstills__78107I’ve worked 24 years in the ad agency business so my kid wouldn’t have to.  And…now look. I mean, I sacrificed and invested heavily in a Marist high school education; sent him off to a Jesuit college (that lasted 3 days, thank you Hurricane Katrina). I did all this so he could have a chance at a better life than me. So he could be exempt from the horrors of this advertising world. “I never wanted this for him. I work my whole life – I don’t apologize – to take care of my family, and I refused to be a fool, dancing on the string held by all those bigshots. I don’t apologize – that’s my life – but I thought that when it was Mikey’s time, that he would be the one to hold the string. Senator Palma; Governor Palma.”

Did he maintain the Hope Scholarship at UGA to get stupid? Where did the trail lead? The Creative Circus, that’s where… a freaking circus. Am I nervous about how he performs on TV? Absolutely not, this is ad puffery. You know what made me nervous? The first time he lined up as an undersized defensive end across the line from a 300-lb offensive tackle on a football field. Now, that’s nerve-wracking. Watching him sit around a conference table with a bunch of ad geeks thinking up stuff? Not so much.

So speaking of ad geeks, tonight’s agency BreenSmith, is special to me because I moved both guys to Atlanta in the late-90’s to separate agencies (Smith, fromc.4924.962.13_BSA_016V2-1 BBDO/NY to the erstwhile WestWayne; and Breen From Crispin & Porter to Blue Sky Agency). That they wound up together and eventually hired my son is testament to the small world. Small indeed, yet I wouldn’t want to paint it.

Enjoy the show — may the fastest idea win.

8 thoughts on “AMC’s The Pitch Season 3 Premiere

  1. Michael Tucker

    Good stuff – agree with your sentiments on it being a “microwaved” version of reality, but still entertaining stuff to watch!

  2. aarondelwiche

    Is there really a Season 3 of THE PITCH? I have been searching to find out if it’s renewed or not. I agree that it’s not authentic, but it’s certainly fun to watch.


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