The Modern Way to Recruit Top Agency Talent


growagencytalent_logoA funny thing happened when we launched Grow Agency Grow in January. Several agency clients thought I was getting out of the recruiting business after 28 years and 1,400 successful talent searches. Au contraire. Actually, we were busy preparing to revolutionize the agency recruiting model.

My partner at Grow Agency Grow, Ed Klein and I are pleased to announce the launch of our recruiting division: Grow Agency Talent on LinkedIn later this week.

We kept hearing that attracting top talent on all levels was more challenging than ever. Too many unqualified candidates. Not enough applicants. Mostly unemployed resumes. Black holes. Jobs left unfilled.

We heard the usual excuses:

  • “Millennials no longer want to work in advertising”
  • “The consultancies are changing the game”
  • “Creative talent is commoditized”


Through it all, I kept filling key roles at great creative agencies by continuing to build a network of top agency talent and posting the jobs on this site through “Palma Hot Jobs.” We are taking that proven model and putting it on steroids. And as a result, we will make it more cost-effective.

Grow Agency Talent is two things:

  1. A premium online job board connected to the largest agency talent database in the business
  2. An executive recruiting firm for critical and confidential talent searches. Headhunting, the modern way — with reasonable fees and guarantees.

We previewed the concept to a couple of my most trusted clients. We got some really nice feedback:

“When CP&B started to take off, attracting great talent was our most critical need and our main strategy to grow from a regional agency to a national firm. Palma was the lifeblood of our growth for 20+ years. It’s exciting to see him take his expertise online with Ed Klein.” — Alex Bogusky, Founding Partner CP+B

We’re excited to launch later this week. Stay tuned. Until then, jump on our new business videos at Grow Agency Grow.

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