The Best Creative Agency in each State: 2018


It’s that time of year for the Midterm creative agency evaluations. Below are the winners, by state. The single criterion is current creative work; not legacy reputations. The best work right now. In some cases, certain states are omitted. Either no agency met the standard, or I simply didn’t know enough about the creative landscape in that particular state (Alaska, for instance).

The Palma Honor Roll:

  • Alabama               BIG, Birmingham                    
  • Arizona                 Santy, Scottsdale                     
  • Arkansas              Eric Rob & Isaac, Little Rock
  • California (So.)    Anomaly, LA                            
  • California (No.)   BSSP, Sausalito                        !/welcome
  • Colorado               Made, Boulder                        
  • Connecticut         Cronin, Glastonbury             
  • D.C.                       Admirable Devil                    
  • Delaware            Aloysius Butler & Clark, Wilm.
  • Florida (So.)         David, Miami                         
  • Florida (No.)         Bright Red\TBWA                  
  • Georgia                 Fitzco, Atlanta                        
  • Illinois                   C-K, Chicago                           
  • Indiana                  Young & Laramore, Indy   
  • Iowa                       Flynn/Wright, Des Moines
  • Kentucky               Scoppechio, Louisville        
  • Louisiana              Trumpet, New Orleans       
  • Maine                    Via, Portland                         
  • Maryland              RP3, Bethesda                       
  • Massachusetts     The Fantastical, Boston       
  • Michigan              Doner, Southfield                 
  • Minnesota            Fallon, Minneapolis             
  • Mississippi           MWB, Jackson                        
  • Missouri               Barkley, KC                             
  • Nebraska              Bailey Lauerman, Omaha  
  • Nevada                  R&R, Las Vegas                     
  • New Mexico         McKeeWallwork, Albuq.     
  • New York               360i, NYC                                
  • North Carolina     Baldwin&, Raleigh               
  • Ohio                       Brokaw, Cleveland               
  • Oregon                 Wieden & Kennedy, Portland
  • Pennsylvania (E)    Pavone, Harrisburg           
  • Pennsylvania (W)  Brunner, Pittsburgh           
  • Rhode Island          NAIL                                       
  • South Carolina       EP, & Co. Greenville            
  • Tennessee                Tombras, Knoxville           
  • Texas                         McGarrah Jessee, Austin  
  • Virginia                     Martin Agency, Richmond
  • Washington              copacino+fujikado, Seattle
  • Wisconsin                 C-K, Milwaukee                   

8 thoughts on “The Best Creative Agency in each State: 2018

  1. Trevor

    Interesting list, Mr. Palma. But I can’t help but wonder why you chose Baldwin& over, say, McKinney or BooneOakley. You say your sole criteria is “current creative work.” Baldwin& has certainly done some tasty stuff for the likes of Burt’s Bees and Krispy Kreme in the past. But what have they done that is noteworthy in the last year or so? They did get some press for a Kioti commercial that, truth be told, is meh at best. But I’d be hard pressed to think of anything else they’ve done recently. I’m not slagging on Baldwin&. Far from it. I’m just not familiar with what they’ve been doing lately. (It might help if they updated their website. It looks like they haven’t posted anything new for quite awhile.) If you can point us in the direction of their latest work, I for one would love to see it. Thanks.

    1. mikepalma Post author

      Thanks for reading Trevor. Subjective of course. Oakley doing good work yes…Bojangles Lent spot was great. Cude too. Gorgeous work. Most agencies don’t show most current work on site. I know some stuff that David is doing, soon to be seen. But KK is strong for now.

  2. Craig

    Folks, don’t be fooled, or overly excited by this list — all of these agencies also represent Mr. Palma’s largest source of income, per state. Hopefully this is obvious to all. If not, you’re welcome.

    1. mikepalma Post author

      Hi Craig, thanks for reading. And thanks for your note. I’m not sure where your information is coming from but it’s inaccurate. Of the 40 agencies/states listed, I have done one transaction with ONE agency in 2018. I’ve been in this business a long time and of the 40 agencies, 29 of them I have NEVER done business with. I’m sorry you feel this way. I don’t know you but I wish you and your agency good luck. Best, MP


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