Creative Agency Search Client Testimonials

The Clients Speak:

DOUG BUSK, Global Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media at The Coca-Cola Company

0b7914e“Allow me to preface this with one simple fact: Mike Palma doesn’t need my recommendation. Anyone who knows or has worked with Mike would say the same. His work and professionalism speak for itself. I’m going to recommend Mike, nevertheless, because his dedication and comradery deserves credit. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike as a partner and client on several key initiatives, including multiple RFPs at Coca-Cola. In each effort, he has displayed a master-level sense of the agency space and its players. Put simply, we would have fallen short of multiple aggressive brief deadlines, not to mention placed sub-par agency partners, if we worked with anyone else. You can work with in-house procurement or recruiting and never achieve the level of effectiveness and productivity out of the gate that you would in teaming with Palma — as he’s known to his network. Equally importantly, Mike is a people-first connector. Mike is an optimist in a sea of cynics, always tuned to the individual at the center of every project and conversation. I have enjoyed partnering with Mike and look forward to doing so again soon.”

STEVE DAVIS, Former CMO  Heineken USA, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Church’s Chicken

1aa6e20“As a CMO , one of your major responsibilities is to ensure  that your Brand has absolutely the right Agency partner. In my view it is foundational  to growing the business and delivering on your objectives. And  when you don’t have the right agency partner? Well, you have to make a change! But having done  numerous agency searches, while I know that putting the business up “for review” is an extremely important action, I also know  it can be time-consuming , tedious and a real distraction from the dozens of other things you have to get done on a daily basis. So in my view  enlisting the help of a really good Agency search consultant is “mission critical. “

Last year  we  put our business up for review and had the opportunity to engage Michael in supporting us in our search effort. Michael put together a simple, yet comprehensive process that enabled us to move quickly and thoughtfully. And because of our circumstances with management and franchisees, it was important that the process was also completely transparent and inclusive. His  keen “experience based” insight into both  agency and client dynamics along with his ability to both listen and provide important perspective and point of view was critical in shaping our thinking and final decision. He did an outstanding job of providing real thought leadership while “stewarding” us through the process and keeping us “on task.”

Bottom line, in the course of 100 days Michael helped us get to a “great, no debate” new agency partner that had the exact right credentials, capabilities and chemistry…and importantly, one that the entire organization embraced.”

TOM DONOGHUE, Global Brand Director  Stainmaster Brand

3e11529“Michael has been a tremendous asset for my business in exploring agencies to help drive our business.  His in-depth knowledge of the top agencies, across disciplines, helped us select the right agency for the work while ensuring a strong cultural fit.  Michael understands the agency search process and serves as a resource offering advice and counsel throughout the process resulting in an expedited search and fast starts with our new agencies. Perhaps Michael’s best characteristics are that he is transparent, a straight-shooter, and his integrity is beyond reproach.  You know you can trust that Michael has your best interest at heart and honors all confidential conversations.  A master at his craft and one of my most trusted resources in the industry.”

ROB CREWS, CMO   Ovation Brands, LLC

Unknown-1“In a business world painted in shades of beige, Mike Palma struts in Technicolor.  I love the guy.  I’ve worked with him on 2 searches and he delivers the goods.  He is as well-connected as anyone I’ve ever met in the agency business.  He will find the best talent for you to work on your business.  He understands personality fit.  He also has an ability to manage a meeting better than anyone I’ve ever met.   He is always fair and knows when to be objective and when to be subjective. If you are doing an agency search, do yourself a favor and call Mike Palma.”

J.J. CREEGAN, COO   Youfit Health Clubs

“Working with Michael on our recent agency search was an absolute pleasure. Throughout Unknownthe process I kept asking myself, “Why did we not do this earlier?” We conducted all prior searches internally with far less success and efficiency than Michael brought to the table. Not only do I believe that this last search will be the most successful, but also I know that it was the most organized, effective, and fun. His insight, knowledge, and expertise in this process convinced me that if another search is necessary, he will be the first person we call.”


24154ed” I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Palma for the last three years in a variety of functions.  Michael is keenly aware of the needs & priorities of senior marketing leaders and extremely well-connected to provide solutions.  We have worked together on projects ranging from the sourcing and selection of a national media agency to the recruitment of marketing talent to providing connections to emerging vendor partners to meet key marketing initiatives.  Michael is a veteran of the industry and someone I know I can count on for solid and unfiltered advice.”       


Unknown“Palma is one of a kind. His agency review process is not “best-in-class” — it’s in a class of its own. His intimate knowledge of different agency cultures and specialties sets him apart from other search consultants. He knows the agencies from a talent standpoint better than anyone because he knows just about everybody in the business. He shoots straight, doesn’t mince words and is apolitical. At Church’s, he led us through a journey that was both disciplined and fun — a difficult mix to attain. At Johnny Rockets , I’d use Michael again in a minute if the opportunity arose.”

MARC DATELLE, CEO  Anduro Manufacturing

 02f3095-1“Mike is one of the most talented and experienced Marketing Professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He engaged with me on a project that literally sent our company on a rocket ship ride. I am firmly convinced that without Mike Palma and his exceptional team, our company would not have achieved the success we were so fortunate to realize. I am indebted to Mr. Palma and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to benefit from his tremendous expertise and wisdom.”

MARK BLANCHARD, CEO   Oldcastle Surfaces

0d3725b“In my process of purchasing a business I quickly realized that I needed help in exploring agencies. I feel very fortunate to have found Michael early in the process. His knowledge of the industry and his contacts at the agencies run deep. Michael guided us through the search process and offered advice along the way. The result was an expedited search process and a trust that we were meeting with the right people. What I appreciated most in working with Michael was his honesty and straight-forwardness. Extremely transparent.  I am new to this market and without Michael’s trusted help I don’t know where we would be in the process. Michael was instrumental in us finding the right agency.”

GEORGIA (WARE) MARGESON, Senior Director, Advertising  Church’s Chicken

387cd5d“When Church’s conducted an agency search in 2013, we were very lucky to be able to engage Michael Palma to help us find the best strategic and creative match. Michael’s vast agency experience and knowledge of the current playing field enabled us to conduct a very comprehensive search. By the end of the experience, we were very confident that we had found the best possible creative agency partner. Michael added tremendous value and it was a pleasure working with him during the entire process.”

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