The Palma Group

The Palma Group is a headhunting, rainmaking & matchmaking consultancy for creative people, agencies and brands. Founded by Michael Palma in 1989 in Raleigh, NC as a creative recruiting firm, the company has morphed into a comprehensive growth, search & consulting solution for creative people, agencies and brands. The Palma Group is Atlanta-based, but digitally housed at

Three Service Offerings:

  1. Executive Recruiting for Agency & Brand Marketing Talent
  2. Business Development Leadership & Coaching
  3. Creative Agency Search/Agency Review Management, Coaching & Consulting

2 thoughts on “The Palma Group

  1. Michael Sinclair

    Best wishes to one of my favorite students — congratulations on your success! I wish you good health and happiness

    1. mikepalma Post author

      Professor Sinclair, so nice to hear from you. Thanks for the note. I learned a lot from you at Wake Forest; and not just about history…but passion for learning. You challenged me. You demanded more from me. You held me accountable. I hope you are well, healthy and happy.


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