The Best of 2019

It was a very good year

image.pngWhat is it about life that keeps us coming back for more? Since Genesis in the Garden of Eden, man is doomed to living by the sweat of his brow. We are gluttons for punishment. Still, in the face of a meaningless existence, “we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”  

Why? Because it is both a sad and beautiful world at the same time. It’s incumbent upon us to extract the beauty. Our duty is to seek out and savor satisfaction. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes. For some, a liverwurst sandwich is repulsive. To others, like me, it is an art form accompanied by raw onion, rye bread and Düsseldorf mustard.

These are the reasons I’m  coming back for more in 2020:

Best Ad: The Truth is Worth It

Best Agency: 360i

Best Hire: Jeff Benjamin, Tombras

Best Creative Award: Yellow D&AD Pencil

Best Agency Network: TBWA

Agency MVP: Dooley Tombras

Most Improved Creative Work: Zaxby’s

Best PR Firm: Praytell

Best Agency New Business Person: Jennifer Hohman, FCB

Best Agency Resources: 4A’s

Best Advertising News Website: Agency Spy

Best Brand Idea: Disney+

Best Franchise Opportunity: Club Pilates

Best Movie: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Best Album: Travelin’ Thru, Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash

Best Book: Blowout, Rachel Maddow

Best Comeback: Pastis, NYC

Best Sandwich: Liverwurst, McGuire’s Pub

Best New Restaurant: Misi, Brooklyn

Best Bar: Fanelli Cafe, NYC

Best Irish Pub: Fado

Best Burger: Corner Bar, Sag Harbor NY

Best Hot Dog: Nathan’s Famous

Best Fried Chicken: Publix

Best Deli: Ferring Deli, Baldwin NY

Best Wine: Il Pavot 2013, Aldo Conterno

Best Beer: Ode to Mercy, Wild Heaven Brewing

Best Cigar: Hoyo de Monterey, De Rio Seco

Best Whisky: W.L. Weller

1 thought on “The Best of 2019

  1. Michael Palma

    I loved your thoughts on its been a very good year with the exception of the liverwurst sandwich.. For me it’s Bologna on rye with a slice of onion


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