The great Palma Logo experiment

It began as a simple birthday gift. My son, a D&AD Yellow Pencil award-winning copywriter based in New York City sent me some mock family crests. We didn’t know what to do with them, but they looked pretty cool. We finally decided they’d look good on plastic cups at our family’s summer home in Sag Harbor.

It never occurred to me that it could also work as a “logo” for my business. The Palma Group never really had an official logo. The Palma Group is essentially me, a guy known as “Palma” to my network — a fairly robust and creative network at that. The Palma Group does a few things, all creative in nature. It’s not like I have competition (actually I root for anyone that thinks they are my competition) — a real coach always roots for other coaches.

I’m not sure why I would suddenly need a logo after 30 years in the advertising business — after 1,300 creative placements and nearly $400 million in revenue to my agency clients. But, what the hell, we’re all sitting around with nothing else to do but screw around on LinkedIn and Facebook.

So I put up one of the “crests” on LinkedIn and Facebook two days ago (April 15). What has ensued over the past 40 hours is interesting. Here are some stats:

  • 34 views from an A-List ad agency
  • 18 views at The Coca-Cola Company
  • 22 views from 22squared (an ironic coincidence)
  • 15 views from Apple in Cupertino, CA
  • 14 views from Google in Mountain View, CA
  • 902 views from New York City
  • 970 views from Atlanta
  • 259 views from Los Angeles
  • 304 views from Nashville
  • 750 views from people with the title Creative Designer

The mock “crests” were satirical in nature — a play on the Corleone family “Sicilian thing.” They are mock-heroic images. The minuscule lettering within the image reads “la famiglia di palma.” I thought that was a different way of communicating the word “group” — famiglia. But overall I thought the images were stylish, elegant and interesting — three qualities I sorely lack. I loved the colors — the cream backdrop. It could work as a sticker on butcher paper wrapped around a pound of soppressata. That’s the feel I was going for. If I ever own a deli — I’m all set.

Of the 55 comments, most were complimentary. A few hacks took it seriously and weighed in snarkily. It was their chance to troll me, as if I’m Gary Vaynerchuk or something. But haters are gonna hate. Thanks for playing along with me. Oh, here are the other two crests. All three were designed by Timothy Kang, a NYC-based art director.




1 thought on “The great Palma Logo experiment

  1. Michael Boone

    Great story. And nice logos.
    You should use it for the business! And totally send me one of the plastic cups, which I promise to put to good use.

    Michael Boone

    972.818.4100 x 101
    3400 Carlisle St, Ste 400
    Dallas, TX 75204

    Thanks for reading Michael. Hope you are


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