It takes a Pandemic: 22 quick thoughts

How did it happen?

How did we get there? How did we get so seduced by the life we once knew? What was it Unknown-3about conspicuous consumption that we didn’t learn from after surviving the credit crisis — or as I am hyperbolically reminded, The Great Recession?

They say it takes a thief to catch a thief — so it must take a pandemic to catch a virus.

It also takes a pandemic to…

…realize a $60 haircut is overrated — especially when you are balding. The math comes out to about $7.50 per minute.

…believe $70 taco dinners for two at a mediocre Mexican restaurant are not ok — even
with the two cheapo tequila margaritas.

…understand the “free chips and salsa” are not so “free.”

…resent the bailed-out Airlines for charging $200 change fees. And $25 baggage fees (really?, how did we let that happen?)

…wonder why is renewing my live-streaming game app subscription.

…truly appreciate The Masters.

…laugh at Ad Age for announcing their Agency A-List on the same day BBDO laid off the two guys that put them on the A-List.

…see that the so-called “greatest economy in the history of the world” was 80% paycheck-to-paycheck.

…learn that The Cheesecake Factory had zero cash flow.

…wonder if maybe BBDO had zero cash flow too?

…believe that therefore agency holding company stock was a bad investment.

…question the true value of business travel.

…look up the word “furlough” in the dictionary.

…cringe at the word “unprecedented.”

…feel sorry for New Yorkers all over again.

…not feel sorry for Neiman Marcus (Needless Markup)

…think maybe Design Within Reach should change their name to Design Out of Reach.

…wonder what will happen to all those shuttered storefronts.

Unknown-4…rethink that New Year’s resolution.

…rethink everything.

…value your relationships more than your achievements.

…come to the conclusion that there’s really no place like home.

3 thoughts on “It takes a Pandemic: 22 quick thoughts

  1. Brett Howser

    Pool hall Palma. Been a long time. Hope you’re in good health & spirits, Great blog post. Adios.


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